As the song by Jack Johnson goes, "It's always better when we're together."

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring Break Fun

This past week was an adventure for our little family. Amazingly Matt and I had the same week off! That doesn't really ever happen for us! We left last Sunday for a trip to Gulf Shores. This was our first major road trip with the little man. It took us about eight hours to get to the beach. I didn't think we were going to ever get there! Nate did a pretty good job, but understandably he wasn't the best at traveling in the car for such a long distance. When we did arrive he hopped out and got busy exploring his new surroundings. We took him to Lulu's that night and he was not a huge fan of the sand. 

We have arrived!

 Not so sure what to think of the sand...

 He quickly unburied his feet!

On Monday we took him to the zoo. It was hot and Nate couldn't really see the animals. We hung out for a little while and then grabbed lunch before heading back in for a nap. Matt and I quickly learned that regardless of how tired he was Nate would not come back and take a nap. He had to play for awhile before he decided he would pass out. 

He was checking out the people and the lemurs! 

My handsome little man! 


Nate enjoyed watching the lemurs. 

I was hot. I can't even imagine what this guy was feeling! 


 This peacock was freely roaming the zoo.

He was a trooper!

The zoo wore him out!

On Tuesday we slept in and decided to go shopping. We ate lunch at Lambert's and then went to the outlets. After shopping we came home and I took Nate to the pool. He wasn't hugely impressed! He splashed around for a few minutes and then climbed out of the pool. After I got him out of his swim suit he decided to pull all of my clothes out of the suitcase and put himself in it! It was so cute we had to take a few pictures! We went back to Lulu's tonight and Nate was a bigger fan of the sand. We had decided that the beach probably wouldn't be Nate's favorite place and weren't planning on taking him. However, I reconsidered after seeing him play in the sand Tuesday night. I decided it might be worth it!

Checking out the boats sans pants. 

That truck travels with us everywhere! 

Playing on the train at Lambert's.


And he fits! 

 It's hard being Nate!

I love this one!

Destroying Matt's sand fort at Lulu's.

Matt building the sand fort. 

Yay for sand!

So when we woke up on Wednesday it was rainy and dreary. There went the beach plans! We hung out and eventually made our way to The Original Oyster House for lunch. Nate was so tired he fell asleep right at the table! Since it was so wet and yucky we went back and hung out while watching random stuff on television. Later we went back to the outlets and then got a take and bake pizza to eat. We were pretty worn out by this point!

Sleepy baby.

On Thursday we packed up and headed back to Florida. We had a fun trip, but it was good to be home! We settled in Thursday night and relaxed. Moose was very happy to see us and Nate was very happy to see Moose!

Friday morning Nate had his one year old check up. Yes, we're about a month late, but whatever. Nate is weighing in at 18.85 pounds. We're trying hard to break 19!! He is doing very well and is currently cutting 3 molars! Yikes!! After the doctor appointment we took him to daycare for a few hours. Matt and I caught a movie while Nate played with his buddies. After the movie we went back for his Easter egg hunt and party. Nate was so busy trying to play outside that he only found 2 eggs. Apparently the mulch is very tasty at daycare because Nate reached down and scooped up a handful which promptly went in his mouth. When we came back inside he had some fruit, cupcake, and juice before we said goodbye and headed home. Nate was ready for a nap so he crashed and so did Matt and I! We had a lazy night that stretched on in to Saturday.

Nabbing an egg!

Nate had fun at the Easter egg hunt! 

 On Saturday we decided to hit up the Mexican restaurant. As usual, Nate got his own order of guacamole...

 Aunt Kristy came over to play Saturday night!

Sunday morning Nate woke up around 1am vomiting. We're thinking it is a reaction to the MMR shot he got on Friday. He puked a few times and was back asleep by 3:30. Later he got up and discovered his Easter bunny basket.  Thankfully, Nate recovered by Sunday afternoon and was back to his old antics!


 Nate's goodies from the Easter bunny.

Yes, he'd rather play with the shoe than get the goodies from the basket! 

Outside checking out the penguin that blows bubbles! 


Matt and I head back to work tomorrow. We had a wonderful vacation and I'm already counting down the days until summer!!