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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Daddy's Little Princess

Unlike my pregnancy with Nate, I have had very little time for blogging. It makes me a little sad that I won't have the same record of this pregnancy as I did with his, but at the same time I have been working full time while trying to corral a very energetic three year old and maintain a house! There is very little time (and energy) at the end of the day for me to do anything other than sleep. 

They say that all pregnancies are different and I wholeheartedly agree. Thankfully I didn't have horrible morning sickness with either pregnancy, but this time it came on sooner and didn't go away with eating a snack. In fact, the snacking made it a little worse! She, like her brother, is very active and often keeps me up at night with her rolling and squirming. However, unlike her brother, I have not had to suffer with a pulled muscle in my back. I carried Nate very high and she has been laying low the entire time. I will say that not having to deal with the muscle aches and back pain that I had with him has been quite nice! My due date is now just 2 short weeks away and I am definitely ready for her to arrive. Nate arrived toward the beginning of March and I wasn't quite as miserable. However, the Florida heat and humidity of this summer are really starting to get to me! I cannot imagine carrying a baby through August down here!

Here are a few pictures of our upcoming arrival! She was not very cooperative during any of my ultrasounds so her pictures aren't quite as great as some we were able to snag of Nate. Either way, here she is!

I think she looks a little like big brother in this picture :-)

Gotta love the footsies! 

This is how she slept for one of my ultrasounds. She wouldn't move and the tech couldn't quite get all of the necessary pictures. There wasn't even a clear profile shot she could get!

After we found out we were adding a girl to our mix, Nate, Matt, and I went to Babies R Us to look at girlie bedding. Apparently everything I picked out was not quite pink enough. Matt even made the comment that everything I liked was "not princessy enough" for our little girl. I think she already has him wrapped around her little finger! 

My due date is in a few short weeks and there is a chance she may decide to make an early debut.  I did have to have a growth ultrasound a few weeks ago to check her size. I was measuring small and the doctor was curious as to how large she actually was. At the time of the ultrasound she weighed in at 5 lbs. 10 oz. The tech said she was petite, but not too petite. She predicted a 7.5 lb arrival weight -- I guess we'll just have to wait and see! However, Itty Bitty does still need a name. Matt and I were slow at determining Nate's name, but we have been even slower with hers! We might just have to take a look at her once she arrives to see what might be fitting. She will, however, have a name before leaving the hospital -- I promise!

Finally, here are a few belly shots depicting my growth over the past nine months. 

 20 Weeks -- 1/2 there!

34 Weeks with Nate

34 Weeks with Baby Girl

I think by this point in the game I was a lot larger with Nate. I certainly felt a lot bigger with him! Hopefully she'll make her debut sooner rather than later, and hopefully Matt and I will decide on a name in the near future!

Spring Break Fun

I am definitely late on posting about our spring break adventure for this year. We decided that since my spring break aligned with Matt's week of vacation we should take advantage of the time together and book a family escape. We decided Nate was probably old enough to enjoy a cruise. Matt and I typically cruise Royal Caribbean, but since Nate was going we decided to branch out and do a Disney cruise. It was a really nice time despite the fact that Nate was going through a horrible 3's spell! My parents went with us. They had never cruised before so this was a nice time to break them in!

We started off the trip with a visit to Orlando and Magic Kingdom. My parents had never been there either so we decided it was time. It was hot, but overall I think everyone had a fun time. Nate got to meet Woody and Jessie, but as all times before he refused to stand next to them and smile when picture time arrived.

Hanging out with Baddaddy at Magic Kingdom

Bashful Nate with Woody and Jessie

We cannot go to Orlando without a trip to the Lego Store!

We drove over to Port Canaveral on Monday after visiting the Lego Store at Downtown Disney. When we finally arrived at the cruise terminal we were all tired, but ready to board the boat.

Matt and I both had a firm hold on Nate because he was having a fantastic time running around the terminal!

Our first stop on the "Mickey Boat" (as Nate called it) was Nassau, Bahamas. We didn't do too much on the island. Nate was not exactly in a touristy mood so we strolled around for a bit and then went back to the boat to hang out by the pool. 

At the pier in Nassau

The next day was much more kid friendly for Nate. We arrived at Disney's private island, Castaway Cay, and had a nice, relaxing time. The water was a little chilly, but once you got used to it everything was great. We rented some floats and tubes and made sand castles on the beach. Everyone agreed that this was the way to spend a vacation!

Building sandcastles with Daddy!

Hanging with NiNi and Baddaddy before boarding the boat 

 Our little family :-)

Nate needed his picture with Olaf

We had a day at sea where we lounged around the boat and enjoyed our day at sea. While on the cruise Nate spent some time in the kids club playing with other people his age. He had a blast. We did manage to get him to cooperate for a formal night picture.

Hopefully we'll get to do this again once little sister arrives and is old enough to enjoy it!

On our way home from the cruise we made a pit stop at Cape Canaveral. Nate really wanted to see some astronauts and rocket ships. 

Nate had a fun time checking out all of the displays. 

He especially liked the displays he could explore. 

Nate did not want to be a part of the space shuttle picture.  

There were plenty of buttons and knobs to play with on the mock space shuttle! 

Us in front of Atlantis

We had a really awesome time on this trip! It was tiring, but worth it. It hard to believe it was our last family vacation before the little princess arrives!