As the song by Jack Johnson goes, "It's always better when we're together."

Sunday, February 26, 2012

But, I'm not ready!!

Okay, I need a time machine. Seriously. Nate is turning one in less than two weeks and I'M NOT READY!! It feels like yesterday we were anxiously waiting on our little bundle to arrive and now the first year has flown by. We have had so much fun enjoying our little man, but I'm having trouble with him turning the big o-n-e. We have things in place for his party and we're so excited to be celebrating his first birthday. It's bittersweet. He has grown so much from the little baby we brought home from the hospital. He finds new ways to make us laugh daily!

When we got home from daycare on Friday Nate hadn't had a nap. He came home and was busy playing with Matt and Moose. I went to the back to do a few things and when I came out this is what I found....

When Matt picked him up to put him in the crib the sales ad he was playing with was stuck to his face! Poor kid!!

Yes, the child was completely worn out and fell asleep on the floor. We assume he was looking for something under the couch and just couldn't hold his eyes open any longer!

Saturday started with a bang. Matt got up with Mr. Man and made him breakfast. It was supposed to be healthy. Matt called them oatmeal balls, I called them a chocolate mess, and Nate called them yum. I slept in until about 8am and when I got up and turned the corner I was staring at a chocolate covered Nate. He apparently didn't care for the healthy part of the oatmeal balls and decided to pick the chocolate chips out of his breakfast. The child was thoroughly enjoying himself. Chocolate was everywhere. He still has some under his fingernails! When we realized he was only eating the chocolate, I gave him some Chex cereal and some pancakes. We did manage to get a few pictures!


This was fun :-)

Later on we went to celebrate the first birthday of Nate's daycare girlfriend, Allie. They had fun crawling around and playing with plastic cups. At some point during the party Nate dropped his zucchini and his response -- "Uh oh!" It was too cute!! He started getting a little fussy toward the end so we packed up and headed home. He napped for all of 20 minutes on the way home and then refused to go back down. Matt and I were watching TV and Nate was busy rooting around on us. Eventually he passed out and was down for the night.

Sooo tired

On Sunday we went to BJ's for lunch. Nate got some chicken fingers, cheese bread, and chocolate milk. He loved the chocolate milk!! He pigged out and then we went to Toys R Us. Matt picked out a cute outfit for Nate. As soon as it gets warmer I'll put it on Nate and post some pictures. We also went looking for Nate a birthday present. We put Nate down on the floor and let him choose. His pick? A garbage truck. We got him the huge garbage truck with lights and sounds along with some smaller trucks. He loves to drive the cars and trucks around at home and daycare so I think he'll have a blast with these!

His Hawaiian get up finally arrived from his Nanny and Timmy a few weeks ago. It was supposed to arrive late last summer. Amazingly, it still fit!

He is getting so big and learning so much! We are so thrilled to have him and are looking forward to many more years of growing and learning with our sweet, little (well, not so little anymore!) baby.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

No time to blog!

Well, I was afraid it would eventually come to this. I don't have as much free time as I used to and blogging has fallen by the wayside. My goal is to try and update more often, and hopefully it will happen! This month has been crazy in our house. Matt has been back on nights and I have been spending a lot of time entertaining our child. Nate is doing well and is becoming increasingly more mobile. He can now stand on his own for extended periods of time, but has yet to muster enough courage to take that first step. He has taken a couple of half-steps, but only when we are close by. I'm hoping he'll be walking by his first birthday, but I know it will all happen in due time. 

I have not been taking as many pictures with the camera lately. I have another goal to pick up the camera more often instead of the camera phone. I have a lot of fun photos on my phone, but they're not as easy to transfer! I am going to post some of the pictures from my camera and hopefully by the next time I write I will have more pictures to post!

 Such a big boy!

 He has gotten a little better about posing for pictures!

 Aaah!! 11 months already!!

The starfish had to be in the picture, too. 

 And Nate is now tired of being photoed!

 He was a cuddle bug because of the teething.

 Do you think he disco dances in his dreams?

Yes, that is his new friend, Mr. Potato. Only my child.