As the song by Jack Johnson goes, "It's always better when we're together."

Sunday, September 11, 2011

More milestones!

Seriously? Where has time gone? Where is my teeny, tiny little baby?? He's huge! Nate recently celebrated his six month birthday. He decided to do it with a bang. He got his first tooth last Saturday. He followed it up with tooth number two on Sunday. You can now see the teeth as they are making their way up and out! Crazy! 

 Nate at five months. I don't think I ever got around to posting this one!

 Six months with Mr. Potato Head!

I chopped off his feet, but I thought his smile was cute in this one!

He has been sitting up for awhile now and he has also been rolling over from back to belly. Well, he finally decided it was time to roll from belly to back. This is great for him considering how much he hates tummy time! 

Also, the child goes through 3-4 jars of baby food each day and is growing like a weed! I'm anxious to take him to his six month appointment just so I can see how much he has grown! We got a notice Friday telling us that Nate is about to be moved out of the Infant A room into Infant B with the bigger kiddos. What!?!?! I'm not sure I'm ready for that!!!

We also had Nate's six month photo shoot this past week. He is a huge ham. He laughed and grinned the entire time. His mood was so much better than the three month pictures! She got a ton of great pictures as Nate hammed it up. Below are some of my favorites from the shoot!

Nate has taken a great liking to Moose. So much so that he was in the "Johnny Jump Up" the other day and decided to take a few steps to get to the cat. Moose needs to be on the watch. There is a bulls-eye on his back and as soon as Nate is mobile he will be gunning for the kitty!

Nate was reaching for Moose in this picture. Moose moved right as I was taking the picture. He was on Nate's mat tempting the child!

Matt and I are truly blessed with this little booger! I still look at him sometimes and wonder why the hospital allowed me to take him home given our lack of qualifications, but I think Nate has trained us well so far!! Here's to another great six months!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Water, water everywhere!

This has been somewhat of a crazy week. It started off great. Nate had his six month pictures made on Monday as we enjoyed a long weekend. Tuesday was rolling along wonderfully. Matt got off work early, he cooked, chores were being done, and then chaos ensued. We had a pipe burst in our bathroom and it flooded the bathroom, master closet, master bedroom, and the hallway. Can you say ugh? The carpet people arrived to start the water removal process around 7:15. It was a mess. The carpet was literally floating above the carpet padding in our bedroom. We had to move all of our furniture into Nate's room. Thankfully his room and the living room were spared. All of the furniture wouldn't fit so they had to put some of it up on little styrofoam blocks to keep it off of the soggy carpet. They pulled up the carpet and removed all of the padding. They set up fans to blow under the carpets and said they would return on Wednesday. So, Matt, Nate, and I packed up and headed to a hotel. Fun times. Nate was so tired, but wide awake due to the commotion. Bless his sweet little heart. He ended up sleeping in a chair Tuesday night because the hotel did not have cribs. Please don't be outraged. He was actually comfy in the chair. It had tall sides and a high back. I pushed it against the bed and he slept soundly.

I left work a little early on Wednesday to return home and try to sort through some of the wet mess while Nate was still at daycare. Matt was on call Wednesday night so I had to do it quickly. I got the shoes sorted out, wet clothes out of the closet, and cleared a path to Nate's crib. He and I were going to brave the fans Wednesday night. He slept in his crib, I slept on the couch, and Matt slept at Shands. The carpet was still damp when they came to check it during the day so we weren't getting life back to normal until Thursday.

The dryers were insanely loud. 

Our bedroom. 

The dehumidifier they brought in to remove moisture. 

Where it all started.

I was hoping they would come Thursday while I was at work and check the carpet. No luck. They came instead at 5pm. Those guys knew what they were doing because within 2 hours they had the new padding down, carpet restretched, and furniture back in place. Good deal. Matt and I decided to put things in Nate's room and deal with it over the weekend.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Houston, we have a tooth!

Poor Nate has been teething for quite sometime now. Actually, a few months. Well, yesterday all of his hard work and drooling paid off. He has a tooth!! It is not completely in yet, but you can definitely feel the little dagger points poking out of his gums. In fact, it looks like he might have another coming in close behind this first one! We noticed on Friday that he was being abnormally fussy and somewhat inconsolable. Friday night I had to put him down while he was still screaming and fussing. He woke up Saturday morning in somewhat of a foul mood and around lunchtime Matt noticed that there was something sharp in his mouth! He was pretty fussy yesterday afternoon and gave Matt fits. Finally, around 8pm Nate decided he wanted to cuddle. So, we settled in and watched Just Go With It with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. It was pretty funny! Matt, Nate, and I laughed a lot. Nate crashed out around 9pm and slept until about 8am. He has been a sweet baby all day today and I'm hoping the worst of the teething is over for now. Maybe cutting through the gums is the worst part?? I'm hoping! 

Nate wore himself out jumping and crying. 

It's hard being a baby!