As the song by Jack Johnson goes, "It's always better when we're together."

Monday, February 18, 2013

Christmas in February?!?!

Okay, I admit it -- I am way behind on the blog. We have been busy, busy, busy these past few months and I'm just now getting around to it. Also, Nate can be very demanding when I sit down at the computer to type, so it is becoming increasingly more difficult to blog when he is around.

Let's start off with Thanksgiving. My parents came down during the week so we could eat turkey and do our Christmas celebration with them. We cooked lots of turkey, dressing, and the fixings and ate on it for a few days. Nate was very excited to see his NiNi and Baddaddy (his way of saying granddaddy for my dad) and he had a lot of fun opening his gifts from them.

Nate scored big -- he got all of the Cars characters. 

It was hard getting all three of them to cooperate!

Matt had a few days off at Christmas and we decided to make the trip back to Hamilton and Beulah to celebrate with his family. We met up with his mom and Tim to exchange gifts a few days before Christmas. Since school let out two days before and since we had two babies in tow, we decided to go out to Cracker Barrel for our Christmas lunch. It was yummy!

 Leave it to Nate to play with his cars outside of the restaurant!

 Nate, Noah, and John!

That night we had Christmas with Matt's dad and Tricia. Nate racked up even more presents and we had a blast hanging out with all of them! We decided this might be the perfect time to take Nate to Callaway Gardens to see Fantasy in Lights. He loved it!! He was so excited to see the lights and ride the trolley.

Nate and John both received a bicycle from Joe and Tricia. There was a little competition to see which brother could get it together first... 

Matt had a little assistance from John and ended up getting it together first... 

Nate was excited to try his out with a little help from Uncle Adam! 

Nate and Big Daddy checked out the trees inside Christmas Village at Fantasy in Lights. 

He was excited to ride the trolley! 

On our way to see the lights!

On Christmas day Nate opened even more gifts. He had a fun time playing with his new Lightning McQueen car! Christmas night we went to visit Matt's grandfather and Nate decided to show out by throwing a tantrum. We have officially entered the terrible 2's! Watch out world!!

Big Daddy broke out the train set for Nate. He loved it! 

He spent a lot of time chasing the choo choo! 

Santa came! 

 Nate loved his Lightning McQueen car! It took awhile to figure out how to work it...

and then he promptly got it stuck....
There is no reverse so he has to have someone on hand to help him out! 

He also spent some time reading with Daddy!

It was a nice trip, and I am glad we were able to go spend some time with family. Hopefully we'll be seeing family again soon as our little man turns 2!!