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Sunday, February 19, 2012

No time to blog!

Well, I was afraid it would eventually come to this. I don't have as much free time as I used to and blogging has fallen by the wayside. My goal is to try and update more often, and hopefully it will happen! This month has been crazy in our house. Matt has been back on nights and I have been spending a lot of time entertaining our child. Nate is doing well and is becoming increasingly more mobile. He can now stand on his own for extended periods of time, but has yet to muster enough courage to take that first step. He has taken a couple of half-steps, but only when we are close by. I'm hoping he'll be walking by his first birthday, but I know it will all happen in due time. 

I have not been taking as many pictures with the camera lately. I have another goal to pick up the camera more often instead of the camera phone. I have a lot of fun photos on my phone, but they're not as easy to transfer! I am going to post some of the pictures from my camera and hopefully by the next time I write I will have more pictures to post!

 Such a big boy!

 He has gotten a little better about posing for pictures!

 Aaah!! 11 months already!!

The starfish had to be in the picture, too. 

 And Nate is now tired of being photoed!

 He was a cuddle bug because of the teething.

 Do you think he disco dances in his dreams?

Yes, that is his new friend, Mr. Potato. Only my child.

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