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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Beach baby, beach baby, there on the sand!

Amazingly enough Nate has lived in Florida for over a year and has never had an official beach trip. Well, in order to help celebrate our friend Andrea's birthday we took him out. We weren't sure how he was going to take it, but he had a blast! I didn't even dress him in his swim suit because we didn't think he would take to the water. We were wrong. When we put him in the sand he squirmed his toes around before pointing to the water. Matt took him down and they stood in the waves awhile. I got some cute pictures and videos of the two of them. Nate liked it so much that when we took him out of the water and back to the beach he made a beeline back to the water. Matt and I (along with a few friends) took turns with him in the water and allowing him to play on the sand. He ended up soaked and happy! He was fussy when we made him leave, but now we know where we can make a weekend trip with the kiddo!

Matt and Nate testing out the water!

My beach baby!

The whole family at the beach. Nate is enjoying some chocolate courtesy of Janie! :-)

On another note, Nate has been feeling quite nostalgic lately. He has been trying out some of his "baby" toys. He is way too big for most of them, but it's cute that he wants to play with them again. Here are a few pictures from his latest adventures...

We dismantled the jumperoo. Apparently, someone still wants to jump! 

I love his expressions! 

Yeah, we're going to have to nip this one. 

Staring at the rain. (which we have gotten a lot of lately...) 

Minding his business eating the puffs..... 

maybe eating the puffs?? 

Not eating the puffs! The fire helmet makes for a nice bowl! 

He sat in this for the longest listening to the music. Notice how he's grown...

He was so tiny!!

Well, summer is now in full swing so I'm sure there will be plenty more posts and pictures to come! 

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