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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Back to School for Nate!

My mom was here to help out for the month of August as we were all transitioning into our new routine. Matt went back onto a night rotation and I went back to work. I knew it would be quite difficult to juggle everything at the beginning and my mom was more than willing to help out! She left the Saturday before Labor Day and the following Tuesday Nate went back to day care.

He was not too thrilled to be awakened so early in the morning on his first day back. Once he got over that hump he was even less thrilled to be left at day care. He normally never cried when I left, but he now has a new teacher, new room, and a new routine so I can understand why he would be a little upset. He cried all week. Each day as I dropped him off I had to leave with him in tears. His teachers told me that he quickly stopped crying, but it's still hard. To make it a little easier on him I did dress him in his Cars shirt for the first day back. I don't think it helped! Hopefully he'll be back in the groove within the next week or two. I know he loves playing with his friends and is having a good time while there, but I want the leaving to be easier!

You can look at his face and tell he'd rather be in bed!

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