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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer fun

Where is my summer going?!?! It is hard to believe that July starts tomorrow! The past few weeks have been nothing short of crazy. Nate had swim lessons about two weeks ago. This was the parent-child class and even though Nate loves the water he does not like being told what to do in the water. We worked on kicking, blowing bubbles, moving arms, jumping, floating, and picking up rings. Well, Nate pretty much wanted no part of any of it. He loves to blow bubbles, but not on demand. He enjoyed getting the rings, but only when he didn't have to get his face close to the water. Finally, on the last day, Nate decided that he liked jumping into the water and wanted to do it over and over. Hopefully we'll be able to practice some of these skills the rest of the summer.   I was on my way to swim lessons one morning when I received a text from Andrea. Matt got resident of the year! A huge congratulations to him!

We did a little shopping at Whole Foods after swim lessons one day. 

Nate loved having his own shopping cart and was very good at running it in to people and things. 

We played hard at the park after swimming one day.

Matt's mom (aka Nanny) came for a visit about a week ago. The hospital's new year starts in July and because of this June and July are typically very crazy for Matt's schedule. He was off a few days over the course of the week and we decided to take a quick trip to Orlando. Matt was sleeping off his night shift on Sunday, but he got up Sunday afternoon and we made the trek to Orlando. I wanted to take Nate to a character breakfast, but procrastination doesn't pay off for that! Everything was booked so we'll have to plan that outing for another time. Instead, we went to City Walk Sunday night and ate at Margaritaville. We then went back to the hotel where the napless Nate played in the pool. He was still going strong around 9pm, and we finally had to call it a night. 

Nate decided to sleep in on Monday (probably due to his lack of a nap on Sunday) and we ended up at Downtown Disney. We had lunch at Paradiso 37 and spent the first half of our time trying to soothe a very cranky toddler. Since Nate slept so late we ended up missing breakfast and I have a feeling his meltdown was due to hunger. Once he calmed down he happily ate his hot dog and fries without complaint. We went to the Disney store where Nate decided he needed a new Jessie (the arm recently fell off of the old one) and a cowboy hat. Once he was entertained we grabbed a treat from Ghiradelli and relaxed for a few. After shopping a little more, we decided to head home. 

On Tuesday Matt and I both had to go to work. I had a workshop to attend and Nate stayed home with his Nanny. They went to the pool and had a fun time. Matt and I were going to have a date night Tuesday, but plans got a little derailed when his mom noticed my car tag was missing. Yes, someone stole my license plate. UGH. I had to file a police report and after all of that we decided to can the movie and just grab some food.

Thankfully Matt was off on Wednesday and he was able to take me to the DMV to get a new tag. I was told I couldn't drive my car until a new tag was issued. Matt and I used Wednesday afternoon as an errand day. We all went to eat lunch at the French Pantry and then sent Nate home with Nanny. Matt and I spent some time at the police station, the DMV, the auto parts store, and Comcast. How fun!! We left Nate with Nanny again Wednesday night in order to go to trivia night with Andrea and Lori. I'm glad we did because our table won!! Yay!!!

Our somewhat crazy week culminated on Friday when Matt's mom accidentally locked her keys in her car on her way out of town. Matt, Nate, and I drove out to sit with her until roadside assistance showed up. Her car was opened and she made it home safely. Matt headed off to work Friday afternoon while Nate and I spent the rest of our day playing and watching Mickey. I'm hoping that next week we'll be able to practice some of our swimming skills and relax!

I will leave you with this parting image. Nate has learned how to wear his daddy's boots. Bless him. When he falls down wearing them he cannot get back up. However, he does put them right back on and tries again! Happy Sunday!!

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