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Monday, March 14, 2011

Attempting to and finally coming home...

We were supposed to be discharged on Friday, but sadly Nate was jaundiced and was not allowed to come home with us. He spent all day Friday under the photo-therapy lights trying to bring his levels down. He didn't pass his test Friday afternoon so we had to leave him. It was pretty hard to leave the hospital with just a pillow in my lap instead of a baby, but it was better for him to stay. They told us we could visit him in the nursery any time, but when we called around 10:30 he had already been fed and was back under the lights. We got his feeding schedule and decided to go back at 6am on Saturday. We went to see him Saturday morning and he had already been fed, but they told us they would take him out of the lights for 15 minutes so we could see him. Apparently, he had gotten fussy and they fed him earlier than 6am. We thought our 15 minutes were up when the nurse came back in and told us the levels had gone down from his last test and he was going to be taken out from under the lights for 6 hours before being retested. We hung out with him until shift change and decided to go back for his 11:30 feeding. We went back to feed him at 11:30 and they took him at 12:15 to run his next test. Thankfully it came back with lower levels and he was discharged Saturday afternoon. Here are some pictures from those two days.

In his photo-therapy booth. He was not a fan of the goggles!

With Matt's dad, aka Big Daddy.

Daddy is an awesome swaddler!


We're going home!!

Bracing for the first car ride with Daddy.

Meeting the big, furry brother.

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