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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Go shorty, it's your birthday...

Yesterday we celebrated my birthday. I had a pretty exciting birthday this year. No complaints! This month has flown by. It's hard to believe that I have been back to work for a month now and we only have 9 days of school left! Craziness!

There have been several new happenings since my last blog update. Maybe the frequency of the blogs will increase when I am out for summer, but for now they'll just have to come as I can do them!

Nate took his first trip to the swimming pool last weekend. He was okay with it until his belly hit the cool water. We were good up until that point! It was later in the day when Matt and I took him so the sun wasn't out to warm him up. He was a good little trooper and allowed me to take a few pictures of him for the scrapbook!

 On the way to the pool with Daddy!

We stopped to check out the ducks on the way in to the pool.

 He knows something is about to go down!

About to take the plunge!

This isn't so bad!!

 Not a fan of the cold water on the belly!

Speaking of pictures, my new camera is now in hundreds of pieces on the kitchen table. On Thursday of this past week the entire fifth grade took an end of the year field trip to Disney's Animal Kingdom. It was fun, but sadly my camera died after photo number two of the Tree of Life. The zoom went out and would not go back in. I was NOT a happy camper. Almost a year ago my old camera decided not to work unless the zoom was fully extended. So, Matt got me a new camera late last summer as a birthday present. Now it doesn't work anymore :-(  I am very upset about this! The camera is less than a year old -- it should still be working!! I'm also sad because until I get a new one (or Matt successfully repairs the one he currently has in pieces) I cannot take pictures of Nate!!!! Not. cool. 

The Tree of Life.

I tried to zoom in to get the detail on the tree. This is probably the last picture my camera will ever take!

We have had several visitors this month. My mom is in town taking care of Nate this month. His Nanny and Timmy came down a few weekends ago to visit and this weekend we are being visited by Uncle Adam, Aunt Megan, and Cousin Noah. 

 Nate and Nanny. Timmy is in the background.

Nate and NiNi napping. I tried to get the picture where his arm was draped over his face, but he moved it as I was getting the camera. 

I would have a picture of Nate with Adam, Megan, and Noah here, but the camera was in pieces when they arrived. Maybe I can get the pictures Megan took and post them later. It stinks not having a camera!! 

Finally, here are a few parting shots of the little man doing what he does best....

 Apparently, he sometimes sleeps with his arm in the air!

Other times he likes to sleep with his Daddy!

I will try to update again soon. However, if I don't solve the camera issue soon it's going to be a pretty boring blog! Have a great Memorial Day weekend!!

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