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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Celebrate we will 'cause life is short, but sweet for certain

We have several things to celebrate lately! First up, a big thank you to Aunt Chanlee who read my last blog and deemed us worthy of borrowing her old camera until mine is either replaced or put back together. We're now back in the business of picture taking and I can document more of the craziness that occurs in our life.

We are now celebrating the fact that school is out for summer!! Friday was my last day and I'm very thankful to now be home with Mr. Man again. Speaking of Mr. Man, he has decided to sleep through the night!! Yay!! He decided about 2 weeks ago that it was more fun to be awake during the day and to sleep at night. Last night he went down around 9:30 and decided to wake up around 8 am. It has been nice. My fingers are crossed that it continues :-) He's also sleeping in his crib. Our little man is growing up!

Since I have a new camera and since I have been nowhere to take pictures, this blog will mostly be a Nate update. A few weekends ago I got him a Bumbo because he was trying so hard to sit up. Needless to say, he's a fan!

 Helping Matt play Super Mario World

He loves the TV!

We also decided he needed a Jumperoo. He has taken to trying to put weight on his legs and kicking us. So, of course, it was time to find some lovely toy that let him work his legs. It now looks like a baby store threw up in our living room. Nate has so much stuff. I never thought we'd end up buying most of these things, but I have discovered they were invented for a reason. He loves them and they entertain him.

 Matt was working to get the height adjusted for him.

 Trying it out!

The next day he got the hang of it and jumped himself to sleep! 

I made the mistake of picking him up to put him in his bed. Won't be doing that again! From now on, if he falls asleep in the jumper, he naps in the jumper!

We also celebrated Nate's three month birthday last week. He had his picture made with Mr. Potato Head and then yesterday he had some professional shots done in Savannah. 

Happy 3 months, Nate!! (and Roll Tide!!)

We spent a few hours last weekend watching Tangled. Nate was a fan. He sat in my lap and watched a lot of the movie. He didn't finish it because he got hungry and sleepy. 

Watching Tangled.

Here are some random pictures of Nate doing his baby thing....

 The pack and play with the mobile is mesmerizing.

Not sure if he's teething for real or just drooling a lot, but he did like the teething pacifiers!

Now that summer is here I hope to post more often. I'm sure Nate and I will have plenty of summer adventures to write about!

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