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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Fourth of July!!

Happy Fourth of July everyone! I hope you had a nice, relaxing long weekend. Matt had to work so Nate and I hung out at home. While he took his morning nap, I decided I had had enough of our carpet and steam cleaned it. Thankfully it did not wake him. The floors were disgusting!! It was amazing how black the water turned out. I'm glad I did it because Nate is becoming more mobile and quite often I find him off his mat and on the carpet. I'm sure I'll do it again before he starts to crawl. Apartment carpet is so disgusting and I want to get it as clean as possible before it becomes his new playground!

 The finished product and Moose.

The water was disgusting!

Matt got home around 7:30 and we grilled some hot dogs. Exciting, huh? We thought about going to see the fireworks show, but it didn't start until 9:30. Matt was in bed by 9 so Nate and I hung out a little more until he decided to crash. I got him to bed and then what do I hear? Some idiots outside shooting off more fireworks. Okay, I don't mind people shooting fireworks, but it was late, I had just gotten Nate to bed, and it was outside his bedroom. Ugh. Thankfully my good little sleeper did not wake up. I was amazed because they were out there for about an hour and these were pretty loud fireworks. Anyway, we had a pretty good fourth around here even though it was pretty low key!

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