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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Minimal tears were shed...

Nate started daycare this past week and it was very hard for me to leave him. I kept thinking about all of the time we had together over the past 5 months and how he was going to change so much while I was away at work. I was going to miss hanging out with him, feeding him, listening to him laugh and talk, and all of the other fun things we would do together in a day; but, on the other hand, I was going back to work. I was going to make new friends, get out of the house for awhile, and teach. I prepared myself as best as I could for last Monday and guess what? We survived! Nate was extremely happy Monday morning (even though I had to wake him up!) and when we walked in to his room he was smiling and ready to play. 

Nate ready to go on his first day of daycare!

He was smiling and talking to me the whole morning!

He sat at the table and was playing with the other kids as I was putting away his supplies. He was so cute! Then, another 'new to daycare' mom came in to leave her little girl. She was also a teacher and it was her child's first time to be in daycare as well. I had someone to bond with! I will admit that I did shed a few tears Monday and Tuesday, but they were minimal! Nate got a great note from his teacher and over the course of the week, I became a little more comfortable leaving him. It also helped knowing there was another mom right there in my shoes. We would chat in the mornings as we left the kiddos and the time away from him flew by. I missed him horribly while he was in daycare, but overall he seemed very happy.

My goal this year is to be as productive as possible during the school day so that I can leave as early as possible to go pick him up! I hate the fact that he's there for 9 - 9.5 hours a day, but I'm going to be sure and enjoy the time we do have together.

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