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Friday, August 5, 2011

Sweet Home Alabama

Nate and I traveled back to Alabama for a few days last week. We had a fun time and Nate got to meet a lot of new people! He did very well for his first plane ride and adjusted to his new surroundings at my parents house quickly. We flew in on Saturday and the adventure began!

Nate at the terminal for his first plane ride!

The plane!

Nate got to meet my grandmother. (and Bella)

He started falling asleep at her house every night so I dressed him in his pjs before going down there!

He found her bed very comfy!

On Sunday we took a trip to the Tennessee Aquarium with Jeffery, Chanlee, and Indiana. Nate liked looking at all the fish!

Nate also got a kick out of Indiana's swing! We're going to have to get him one.

He loved it so much he fell asleep in there a few times!

My dad came home from work one day as we were going outside and Nate got to sit in the bucket truck!

He liked hanging out with my dad!

Nate also liked sitting in my dad's recliner!

Happy baby! 

He hung out some with Uncle Jeffery.

It just so happened that we were in town at the same time as Indy's first birthday party. We partied hard with Indy and Nate got to meet a few more people!

Indy had a pirate themed birthday. This is the cake that Chanlee and I made. 

 The birthday boy! He was too busy to pose for pictures!

Nate took a liking to my uncle, Randy, while we were up there. He hung out with Randy a lot at the party!

Indy loved his smash cake!

The party was at the Falls and Nate was very interested in the falling water. I couldn't get him to turn around for anything!

My grandmother, Nate, and me!

My dad, grandmother, and Nate.

This child never slows down! This was the best shot I could get of him in his birthday outfit.

Indy and my dad are big buds!

At the airport in Jacksonville after arriving home.

Nate was such a trooper on our trip! His days were packed with lots of things to do and people to play with. He was awake during take off and landing on the ride back, but slept for the ride. When we landed he was in a great mood and hung out while we waited on our luggage. It was lightning within a 3 mile radius of the airport so we had to wait for that to pass before they would take the luggage off the plane. We had a great time visiting with people, but I know Matt was glad for us to be home! Nate was excited to see his daddy and they played for awhile Monday night. Now it's time to settle in for a new routine. While I was out of town I got a call offering me a job. I will be teaching third grade this fall. I'm excited, but a little nervous. I've never taught third grade so it will be a new experience for me. Also, I'm a little (more like a lot) sad that I have to put Nate in daycare. He'll do fine, but I'm sad that our summer is quickly coming to an end! Have a great weekend!

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