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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Vacation, Matt and Happy Birthday, Nate!

Matt was granted one of his very few weeks of vacation the week of Veteran's Day. He was excited to have a break from the hustle and bustle of the hospital. He bought some new video games and prepared himself for a week of R&R. Well, Nate had a little change of plans for his daddy. Saturday morning Nate was extra fussy and was not quite acting himself. By the time Matt got home from work I had determined that Nate had fallen victim to the nasty stomach bug that was going through his day care. I am sad that Nate was sick, but I was very thankful that it happened the week Matt was off so I didn't have to take off work. We kept Nate out of day care Monday and Tuesday and we decided that he was over it by Wednesday. Matt got to enjoy a round of golf on Wednesday before the weather turned sour on Thursday. Thankfully it was a short week for me and I was out of school on Friday! Over the course of this week Nate celebrated his 8 month birthday! Our little baby is not so little anymore!!

He was not happy this night. Poor baby just wanted to sleep!

I kept trying!

No cooperation from this one!

On another note, he's finally figured out the bottle deal!
Yay, Nate!

He was busy playing with me this night!

Matt and Nate had a pretty good week. I was excited because I got to sleep in 30 extra minutes! On Friday we decided to take Nate to Sea World. Details on the trip will come with the next blog!

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