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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween! (from our garden to yours)

What kind of parents would Matt and I be if we didn't take advantage of the opportunity to dress up our child for Halloween? I mean we only have a few Halloweens to dress him as we choose before he has a say in the matter! Nate was going to be Jack Skellington for Halloween, but that costume didn't really pan out. So, we decided on something much, much better! Our darling little Nate is going to be a garden gnome for his first Halloween! Yesterday we dressed him up in his costume and attempted to take a few pictures. We took the pictures indoors because it had rained earlier in the morning and it was all wet outside. Nate didn't have many smiles for us, but he sure does make one cute gnome! Upon the advice of our friend Andrea, I have been looking for a gnome to put next to Nate for some photo ops. I have not successfully found a little statue just yet, but I have not stopped looking! I am hoping to get him outside tomorrow and take a few pictures of him in the grass (where you would find a real gnome), but until then here are a few shots of our little Halloween gnome! I think he'll thank us for this costume later in life! ;-)

He was all smiles before I got the costume on him! 

He's a happy baby! 

 He is also obsessed with the pumpkins!

I call this the "Why?" look. 

We're getting closer to a smile! 

 He's pretty much over it by this point and has decided to play with the pumpkins.

Definitely over it by now! Thanks to the magic of Photo Shop you don't see Matt's hand holding him up!

Maybe we will have more pictures to follow of Nate the gnome outside! Happy Halloween everyone!!

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