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Monday, December 5, 2011

Hide your cats, hide your wires!

It has happened. Yes, it was a bittersweet moment in our house Saturday night. Nate is officially crawling. Moose was a HUGE help in getting my not-so-eager little beaver to finally realize he can now mobilize himself and set a track for anything he wants -- mostly Moose, the computer, any remote control, and his Slinky. Matt and I need to make a trip to either Home Depot or the baby store in order to prepare the house for what is sure to be an adventure. We put up the Christmas tree yesterday and now I must devise a plan to keep little fingers away. Amazingly enough he started crawling amid the nastiness of an ear infection and the second top tooth coming in. The poor kid has been drooling and pulling at his ears all weekend. Thankfully he is somewhat returning to his normal, happy self. He's still not eating well, but I'm not a huge fan of food when I feel icky either! His teacher said that's how she knew something was wrong with Nate. He wasn't eating his food. Hopefully we'll have him back to his old self in a few days before my parents arrive. I'd hate for them to travel all that way to hang out with a sick baby! 

He didn't eat a lot of food, but he did enjoy the puffs! 

The sweet baby decided he needed to help me in the kitchen. 

 He's a baby on a mission!

He decided to stop and pose for a quick picture! 


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