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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Back in Bama X 2

On a sunny Wednesday afternoon in July, Nate, Indiana, Chanlee, and I hopped aboard one of Southwest's finest jets and flew to Birmingham. Nate and I visited for a few days with family and friends. We didn't do a lot, but we did manage to get in some rest before summer comes to an end. I was also able to squeeze in a quick trip to Tuscaloosa to see my friend Meredith's new addition, Riley. While there, Nate had fun playing in his inflatable pool and digging out some of Uncle Jeffery's old toys. Nate is currently obsessed with cars, trucks, and pretty much anything with wheels. He had a ton of fun hanging out and taking it easy.

Nate loves his pool! 

The pool has a little thing to squirt water, but Nate didn't care for it so much. 

Nate did love Jeffery's old fire truck. He found it in the garage and insisted that we get it out. 

Vroom, vroom!! 

He eventually started riding the truck. 

Yes, we were outside in our pajamas. It was so hot during the day that we would go out first thing in the morning!

Nate and I returned from Alabama on Thursday and on Friday Matt and I headed back to Bama. Well, not exactly Bama, but close enough. We drove to his dad's house in Georgia Friday night to see his brother, Adam, graduate from Auburn on Saturday. Matt and I survived our trip to the Plains, but we were definitely out of place with all of the "War Eagle" shoutings around us. Here are a few pictures from Adam's big day...

 Noah was very entertained by the Kindle :-)

Adam receiving his diploma 

Here he is shaking the president's hand

All the boys except Nate. Nate stayed home due to the amount of driving and the fact that he doesn't idle at all! He would not have been great company at the ceremony.

It was a bit of a whirlwind weekend, but we were excited to see Adam graduate. Maybe we'll be able to make it back to Bama soon!

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