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Saturday, August 11, 2012

July Visitors

I am a little behind with my blogging and since school is about to start my goal is to get caught up this weekend. We'll see if it happens!

Toward the end of July Chanlee and Indiana came to visit. We filled our days with activities designed to wear out our active little boys. One day we took a trip to St. Augustine. While there we walked around and tried a homemade (and delicious) popsicle at The Hyppo. It was a nice treat on such a hot day! After lunch we went to the park. Nate and Indiana played hard on the playground. Nate got to go on his first carousel ride. He loved it so much we ended up riding two more times! Here are a few pictures from the day...

Indiana had fun on the playground equipment. 

I tried out this crazy slide and almost took Nate out in the process! 

My sweet baby! 

They had fun on the playground! 

I took away the pacifier and now he chews the fingers. Needless to say, the pacifier is back until I figure out how to break the finger chewing! 

Chanlee and Indiana on the carousel. 

Nate and me on our third carousel ride!

Another day we went to the zoo. It was HOT, but the boys seemed to enjoy it. They loved looking at the animals, riding the train, and playing on the splash pad. They came home and had a nice nap that day!

Checking out the wildlife... 

I would love to have someone push me around the zoo!

We decided they needed their picture made in front of the big snake! 


It was hot, but he was a trooper! 

It was super hot in the butterfly garden! 

Nate got to cool off under the whale's tail at the splash pad. 

Indiana loved running around through the water! 

While they were here we also spent a day at the pool and a day at the beach. The camera didn't make it on those trips! Before she left Chanlee helped us get a few family snapshots. We don't have many pictures of the three of us because Matt or I am usually behind the camera. As you will see, it's getting harder and harder to take pictures with Nate!

Nate refused to look at the camera! 

I think this picture of them turned out cute! 

Once again, Nate refuses to look at the camera. 

This picture pretty much sums up the photo shoot!

We had a fun time with Chanlee and Indiana in town. Nate and I left town with them and took a quick trip to Alabama. I'll have another blog on that trip soon!

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