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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Halloween!!

This year for Halloween our little man was an astronaut. He originally wanted to be Curious George, but that costume involved a brown jumpsuit and a monkey hat. Nate looks cute in hats, but isn't a huge fan of wearing them! So, Matt and I decided to overrule Nate's vote and we got him the astronaut costume. He had a parade at daycare and rocked the costume!

He almost didn't make it to the parade because I had a wreck on Halloween morning. Matt and Nate had to come help me out and he was running a little late. Matt got Nate out of bed, met me, and then took Nate to daycare in his pajamas. Therefore, when you look at the pictures and he has dinosaur feet it is not part of the costume, but the pajamas!

Our little astronaut!! 

This costume came with a hat, but it wouldn't stay on! 

The hatch is open and ready for candy! 

Houston, we need a hair cut!

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