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Friday, November 16, 2012

Nate does Disney

Matt had a few days off at the end of October and the beginning of November. I took a day off, we hopped in the car, and traveled to Orlando. We left on Thursday evening and made it in to town just in time to crash for the night. The next day we decided to take Mr. Nate to Animal Kingdom. He had a fun time looking at the cars and riding the dinosaur ride. We took him on the safari ride and Nate was more interested in watching the jeep behind us than checking out the animals. Oh, well. He had fun! I took him on the dinosaur ride and then we went to see It's Tough Being a Bug. It is a pretty cool 3-d show that scared the crap out of Nate! He screamed through the entire show. Matt and I felt like horrible parents because we took him in and couldn't get him out! We attempted to make up for the travesty by getting him a front row seat to the afternoon parade. After the parade we decided to head back to the hotel so Nate could nap. We were mistaken. After a short 10 minute nap in the car on our way back to the hotel, Nate was up and ready to go! We took him to Downtown Disney and let him build a Lightning McQueen car. I think that made up for the Bug's Life show!

Here are some of the animals we saw:

Waiting for the dinosaur ride! 

Nate loved the dinosaur ride! 

Nate wanted to chase the birds that walked around the park. 

On a break from stalking the birds!

On Saturday we took Nate to the Magic Kingdom. It was way more crowded than Animal Kingdom. Matt and I don't really do crowds or stupid people very well and our day was filled with both! We decided to tough it out for the little one, but didn't quite make it long enough for the light parade or fireworks! We took Nate on the train to Fantasyland. Once we got off the train and got the fast pass for Dumbo, Nate fell asleep. We grabbed lunch and chilled for awhile before Matt woke Nate up to watch the show at Cinderella's Castle. Needless to say, Nate was not interested in the princesses. At. all. We decided to head toward Dumbo so as not to miss the fast pass time when the pirates came out. He was interested in the pirates, but Dumbo was waiting.

We made it to Dumbo and Matt rode with Nate first. Nate had a fun time, but according to Matt he was dying to get in line for the Goofy roller coaster ride. Sadly, Nate was a few inches shy of making the cut! I took Nate on his second ride. While we were in line he was in the mood to ride in the race car ride to our right. He was too short for this one, too. After Dumbo we ventured to the Tea Cups. My little adrenaline junkie was in love with this ride. He helped Matt spin the tea cup faster and faster. Our last ride of the day was It's A Small World. Nate loved it! He was clapping and dancing throughout the entire ride. We rode the train one last time and then hopped on the ferry to head to the car.

The boys waiting in line for Dumbo. 

I think Nate still wanted to be napping! 

Nate eventually warmed up to the ride! 

Dumbo for the second time! 

We loved Dumbo!

After an eventful day at Magic Kingdom, we took Nate back to Downtown Disney to eat before crashing at the hotel. After eating we came back to watch Bama barely squeak out a win over LSU. On Sunday we packed up and headed back. It was a fun, eventful weekend. Matt and I were exhausted, but we had a blast hanging with our little man!

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