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Monday, March 25, 2013

Happy Birthday, Nate!

Well, it happened. Nate turned 2! I am so excited that I have such a happy, healthy little boy, but he is growing way too fast for me! So, what is one to do when you turn two? If you live in Florida the only reasonable response is to go to Disney! And that's what we did. I got off work on Friday and we headed to Orlando. Matt was on nights so we woke him up and hit the road. My mom was in town so she made the trip, too! She had never been to any Disney park before and she was excited to go. 

We arrived late in Orlando so we headed to the hotel and went to bed. The next day we got up and headed to Epcot. I had never been to Epcot before and Matt remembered it being a lot of fun when he was younger. It was okay. It is definitely not my favorite of the Disney parks. Nate had a lot of fun walking around, looking at boats, and meeting Donald, Goofy, and Daisy. He was one tired little monkey by the end of the day, but he refused to nap! We went back to the hotel and he insisted on running around like a crazed individual. We decided that he would crash early and decided to try and find food. We did manage to find food, but there was a 45 minute wait. Thankfully, Nate napped as we were waiting. He woke up and was in a better mood. He was excited with his birthday dinner of hot dog and French fries. We went to this cool taco place called Rocco's Tacos. It was loud and crazy, but fun. After dinner it was bedtime and we went back to the hotel to crash. Nate didn't have a birthday cake, but his party is coming up soon and he'll have plenty of cake then!

Nate was rocking the birthday shirt from Aunt Megan! 

In our choo-choo pajamas and ready for bed on the first night. 


 We had two of these moments. One was due to a tantrum and the other because he was tired!

Must get to the water.......

He loved playing in the little park. 

 Here he was playing jungle baby....

Mom and Tinkerbell

Goofy got a mommy initiated high five. He was so excited while standing in line to meet Goofy. 

Okay, so forget Mickey Mouse. If you asked Nate if he wanted to go see Mickey his reply was, "And Donald Duck!" Donald was the first character he met and he loved it! 

We also ran into Daisy!

We were exhausted by the end of the day, but we had a lot of fun! This picture is a little rough because we were staring directly into the sun. As you can see, Nate is the only one with the sense to look the other direction!

We are excited to see what this next year holds in store for our little family. Nate is growing up so fast, but we are loving every minute of it!! Hopefully party pictures will be coming soon!

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