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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Party Time!

We celebrated Nate's second birthday this past weekend. We had family coming into town all week and by Saturday the weather was ready to cooperate and we had a wonderful day for a party! Let's start with spring break week...

The weather was pretty cold most of the week. We finally got some warm air on Friday, but unfortunately we weren't able to spend too much time outdoors the rest of the week. On Monday my dad flew into town and began his visit. My mom was already in town because she had been helping out while Matt was on nights. Nate got to spend some quality time with his Baddaddy on Tuesday and then on Wednesday Matt's mom and grandfather came into town. My brother, Chanlee, and Indiana came into town on Thursday and Matt's dad and Tricia were in town for the party on Saturday. Nate has a lot of family that love him and were willing to travel to celebrate his special day!!

The party was scheduled for Saturday morning so as not to interfere with nap times. I've learned that as a parent you pay attention to things like that! Nate had several friends show up to party with him. The theme of his party was pretty much anything that goes! Cars, trucks, airplanes, boats -- you name it, he loves it! Here are a few pictures from the big day!

The cake courtesy of Matt's mom! 

We made the tables look like roads. 

The food table -- yum! 

A front view of the food table 

The birthday boy and his bubble machine! The bubbles were a big hit :-) 


I think Nate ate chips, chips, cake, applesauce, and a side of chips. 

I wasn't exaggerating about the chips! 

Hanging with Uncle Jeffery 

The food table was a huge hit!

Family photo! I'm so excited Nate was actually looking at the camera!

We had so much fun celebrating Nate's second birthday. Everyone had a great time and we enjoyed visiting and hanging out with family and friends. Here's to another year of fun with our little man!

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