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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Summer fun -- just a little late!

I am behind. Way behind. I had a noble goal for blogging this summer, but I didn't achieve it. My summer pretty much flew by and by the time school started I really didn't have the time or energy to catch up on blogging. The chaos of back to school has finally started to die down and I had a few minutes this afternoon to update my blog. Let's go back to July.....

Nate and I made our yearly trip to Alabama toward the end of July. Nate and I drove up to Beulah on a Friday and stayed the night with Matt's mom and Tim. This was our first solo trip at such a long distance. It was long and dramatic, but we made it. We stopped off in Phenix City to visit with Matt's granddad before heading on to stay the night with Renee and Tim. We left Saturday afternoon and headed to Birmingham for John and Noah's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. Nate had a fun time with the games, but he had the most fun counting his 'coins' at a table.

Hanging with Big Daddy at Chuck E Cheese 

Nate refused to smile. He was busy with his coins that were in the cup. 

Nate and John enjoying their pizza. 

Nate enjoyed his cake! 

Noah stopped by to give Nate some kisses.

After the party Nate and I headed to Moody to visit with my brother, Chanlee, and Indiana. We stayed the night with them in order to be around for Indiana's birthday party on Sunday. Indiana had a farm themed party and Nate had a blast helping him celebrate.

The cake 

Nate had fun watching Indiana opening his gifts. 

Nate and my dad had fun with the train table. 

The birthday cowboy! 

Once again, Nate refused to look at the camera.

We spent several days visiting in Gadsden. While there my dad and I took Nate to the falls. He had a ton of fun riding the train and looking at the animals. He had so much fun that when it was time to leave he had a fit.  

Riding the train 

Looking at the falls

Our time in Alabama was short, but we had fun. On the way back to Florida, we stopped by and spent the night with Renee and Tim again. Sadly, on our way up to Birmingham the DVD player died so I had to purchase a new one before our trip from Beulah to Florida. Like the trip a week prior, the six hour drive was long and dramatic, but we survived. I don't plan on driving back with Nate any time soon, but it's good to know we can (somewhat) handle it!

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