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Sunday, November 3, 2013

"It's the Poo-kin Patch"

Well, we learned one thing for sure this year -- Nate is obsessed with Halloween! He had a blast during all of the October festivities associated with fall and Halloween. He calls a pumpkin a "poo-kin" and loves any form of skeleton and/or witch. We took Nate mid-October to the pumpkin patch to pick out a pumpkin, or three. He had a ton of fun walking down the rows of pumpkins, playing on the tractor, and playing in the pumpkin chariot. 

"Look at all those poo-kins!" 

Taking a stroll through the pumpkins 

"It's a green poo-kin!" 

He loved sitting on the tractor. He wasn't sure about the pedals, but the did try to push it with his feet! 

Prince Charming 

The pumpkin chariot! 

Nate did not want to get out. Ever. 


It was a fun trip and we are very excited that Nate is getting in to all of the festivities. I can only imagine what Thanksgiving and Christmas will be like this year!

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