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Friday, March 7, 2014

Christmas--just a little late!

It has been awhile since I have found the time and energy to sit down and write about our latest adventures. I last posted about Halloween so I guess it's time to catch up on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

My parents came down on Thanksgiving Day. Matt was on call so we didn't see much of him. He was able to come home for a little while during the day, but then he got called in. When my parents arrived we loaded up and headed to Cracker Barrel. We decided that since they were traveling on Thanksgiving and since Matt was not home to do the turkey, Cracker Barrel was the best option! 

They stayed for several days and we were able to hang out and do some things. We took Nate to see Frozen and he really enjoyed it. It seemed like a really cute movie, but I didn't get to watch all of it. They really should not have 30 minute previews for a kids movie. He was fantastic up until the last 30-45 minutes of the movie. Thankfully we were on the back row and he had room to move around as we finished the movie. We also took Mr. Nate to the park and let him run out some energy during their stay.

Christmas break finally arrived and I decided it was time to start potty training (for real). My friend Catie and I started about the same time and pretty much locked ourselves in our houses for 3 days. Nate started getting the hang of it, but he refused to tell you when he had to go. You just pretty much had to make him go and try.

Matt was working on Christmas Day, but that didn't slow us down. We did our annual Christmas Eve dinner at Mama Lucia's and on Christmas day I tried my hand at my first homemade lasagna. Our friend, Andrea, came over and partied with us on Christmas.


It is March, and we have yet to finish this movie. Zero interest on his part. 

The transformer, aka robot, brought a smile!

Matt's mom came to town right after Christmas and stayed a few days. Thankfully she gifted Nate underwear for Christmas and it was much needed after all of our potty training accidents!! Matt was off for New Years and she was able to spend some time with him.

Our break was absolutely wonderful and no one really wanted to head back to work or school!

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