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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

When you live in Florida.....

and you are only two hours away from Orlando heading to Disney is just something you do. We decided that when Matt was off for a week in February we would make a quick weekend trip to visit Animal Kingdom and have a character lunch. 

On our way into town we stopped and played mini-golf. Nate had a lot of fun hitting everyone's balls into the holes. While playing golf, Matt decided it might be fun to take Nate to Medieval Times. We got tickets and headed that way. Nate was very fascinated with the horses and knights for the first 45 minutes and then he was ready to go. Even though our knight didn't win, I think it was a successful trip!

Go blue knight! 

Nate loved the crown he got to wear!

This was Nate's second trip to Animal Kingdom and he had a blast. He loved looking at the animals and although he was intimidated at first he enjoyed seeing the characters while eating lunch. We had nice weather and it was a really nice trip for the three of us. 

Nate was a little shy around Daisy. 

Donald was his favorite! 


Nate was bashful with Mickey the first time he came around, but was happy to see him the second!

On our way out of town we stopped by Downtown Disney. Both of my boys thoroughly enjoy the Lego store and we spend quite a bit of time there.....

After visiting the Lego store we grabbed a quick lunch at the T-Rex experience. It was okay, but I'm not sure that I would visit there again.

Finally, after arriving home, Nate and Matt decided it was time for some soccer. Nate is finally coming around to the idea that he should kick the ball and not just grab it and run all the time!

We had a really fun trip and enjoyed our family time together. Hopefully we'll get Disney all out of our system before we leave Florida!

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