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Friday, June 24, 2011

Moose still exists

So, I'm sure Moose feels replaced now that Nate has arrived. It's somewhat true :-(
He no longer gets the same amount of attention he received before Mr. Man was born. His food is no longer put in his bowl around 6 pm. Sometimes he reminds me around 8ish that he has yet to be fed. His water bowl is not always brimming over, but it does have water! He has to share his space with the baby and gets shooed away when he tries to get on Nate's floor mat. Needless to say, it sounds as if Moose has it rough. In honor of my big kitty, I decided to devote this entire blog post to him. No Nate pictures at all! 

Even though he is receiving less attention, Moose does not let this get him down! When he wants attention, he demands attention. Thankfully, he's a cat and does not feel the need to be under your feet all day. Here are some recent pictures of Moose doing what he does best!

He loves to look out the window. I had to bring some stuff home from school and the boxes now provide a platform for him to relax while his head rests on the window sill.  

He keeps Matt company as he naps during the day! 

He's looking out the window watching the lizards.

Moose is still a great big brother. He definitely lets me know when Nate is screaming and I think he has adjusted well to the new addition. We love our Moose!!

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