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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Random musings

As I write this, Nate is napping and I am taking a quick break. There has not been a lot going on since I last posted. We're enjoying summer and trying to stay cool. It has been extremely HOT here lately. Along with the extreme temperatures, there has been an extreme amount of smoke. There are forest fires burning a little south of us in FL and to the north in GA. I have decided that I do not trust the meteorologist down here at all! He has promised rain today for the past few days. I get up this morning only to find out it's coming tomorrow. Ugh. Another day of smoke and high humidity. Great.

The view from our patio yesterday. Not fog - smoke.

Matt got home this morning a little earlier than normal and was able to be awake with us as Nate was winding down from breakfast. Nate's on somewhat of a great routine where he'll get up, eat, and then take a nice, long nap. He's been down for about three hours now. Sadly, I tend to nap some with him. I should be up doing things around the house, but I often find myself being lazy. Matt's asleep too so I can't make too much noise! Oh, well. Nate does keep me up late! There's my justification!

He was helping me in the kitchen the other day!

Speaking of Nate, he has graduated to eating rice cereal each night. He's doing well considering we've only been doing it for two days. The pediatrician said it was okay for him to start to eat from a spoon and for me to feed him the cereal nightly and top him off with a bottle. It is a messy endeavor, but entertaining! Also, we have doctor confirmation on the teething. Yay. Poor Nate. We finally get the reflux somewhat under control and now he has to go through the horrors of teething! He had a great couple of weeks with no issues and he was a completely different child. He wants so badly to be a happy baby. He is a happy baby; when he's feeling great he is this sweetest, happiest baby around. He smiles, laughs, coos, and has a blast. However, when he's not feeling so hot, watch out!

 I must admit that the cereal does not look appetizing.


 First bite. He did really well considering this was his first time!

 The after shot!

We did better on day 2! Not nearly as big of a mess as the day before!

He loves his teething giraffe. He and Sophie are big buddies!

Finally, a big congratulations to Matt who found out this morning he was awarded intern of the year. I'm not sure how the voting goes down or who all gets a vote, but that seems to be a pretty big accomplishment. Sadly, he wasn't there to accept his award. Why? He was home sleeping! Thankfully nights are almost over and he'll be a more sociable person come July!

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