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Friday, October 14, 2011

Crazy busy!

There is no good way to describe the past month other than crazy busy. Matt has been busy at work. I have been busy at work. Nate has been busy playing and growing. Life has not left a lot of time for blogging. Matt is back on nights for the month of October (boo!) and we don't get to see much of him during the week. In fact, I've been leaving work right on time in order to rush to day care, pick up Nate, and run home so we can visit with Matt for a few minutes before he has to leave. It's nuts. In fact, last week we saw him Monday and didn't see him again until Friday. Go figure. This week has been a little better. I bring my work home and try to do it while Nate is napping or after he goes to bed. It's not fun, but whatever. It's life right now. 

Nate had his six month appointment a few weeks ago and everything is going very well. The doctor wants him to eat more food and drink less milk. He eats between 4-6 jars of baby food daily in addition to his oatmeal and bottles. He also loves the Gerber puffs. He is definitely in to the self-feeding. The doctor also wants him to have juice in a sippy cup. We're working on it, but I can't say that we've made much progress. He uses the cup more of a teething ring than a cup.

Happy 7 months!

Nate looooves to watch football! Roll Tide!

Nate has also developed object permanence. He realizes that when something goes away it is not gone for good. When he drops something he now looks for it. Also, he will scream at you if you take away something he is actively playing with. I learned this in Publix last week when I tried to take my wallet from him. Fun times. 

He has also learned that when Matt and I walk away we are still alive elsewhere. This sometimes upsets him when he thinks about it. I walked out of the room the other day to do laundry and he started screaming and crying. Matt reassured him I was coming back, but nothing calmed him until I turned the corner. Then, he grinned and smiled and life was good again. He did the same thing with Matt the other day. Matt was playing with him and then got up to go to work. Nate was not thrilled. When Matt walked away, Nate began to cry. Matt turned around and picked him up and all was great again. This will be fun to overcome. While putting him down Sunday night I experienced the same thing. If I was in the room, Nate was great. When I left, he screamed. Enter -- smiles. Leave -- screams. Yeah, he cried it out that night. Thankfully, he has not made a habit of this!

Our goal for this weekend is to take Nate to a pumpkin patch. Matt and I went to one last year. It was not a pumpkin patch. It was a church selling pumpkins. I have to find a real pumpkin patch this year complete with a hayride. Maybe I'll remember the camera and get some cute pictures!

Speaking of cameras, I am planning on putting a new one on my Christmas list. I am still borrowing Chanlee's old one and would like to return it before it meets the fate of my old camera! (Chanlee, I promise I'm taking care of it!!!) I have considered taking some photography classes at the local community college. We'll see how that pans out!

For those of you wondering about Moose, he is doing well. Nate love, love, loves him! If Nate sees Moose he gets a HUGE smile on his face and starts jumping up and down. Moose has finally figured out that if he goes near Nate his fur will be pulled. I put Nate close to Moose the other day and Moose got up and walked away. This is a huge step for Moose to turn away attention!

Sadly, I noticed a trap outside the other day. They are trying to catch the nutria (aka muskrats) and take them to another location. They breed like rabbits and eat the grass from the banks of the pond. Apparently, this does not bode well for their future here at the apartments. The office managers sent out a memo saying that they are sending them away. So sad.

Oh, well. That's the latest from our neck of the woods! Have a happy weekend!

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