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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Four by Four Routine

We have a new routine in our house and I kinda like it! Nate has been taking four ounces of milk and then sleeping for about four hours. I would have never thought that I would be so excited over four straight hours of sleep. Just a few weeks ago four hours would have never been enough sleep to get me through the day. Now I wake up after four straight hours and feel somewhat rested. Weird. However, like all good things I'm sure this too will come to an end - probably around his next growth spurt. 

It has also helped that Matt has been on vacation this week. He is a huge help when he's home and not at the mercy of the hospital! I'll be sad to see him go back to work. Nate and I will be flying solo in the middle of the night for the next few weeks.

Moose has adjusted to the baby. Much to my dismay, he is now back to his old ways. I was none too pleased with him the other night when I finally got the baby and myself to sleep only to be awakened by Moose. Three times. Needless to say, Moose was not on my good list for the rest of the day. He also likes to try and get in my lap when I am feeding Nate. Do you know how hard it is to give a baby a bottle on one side of you and have a cat on the other side of your lap? It's tricky, but it can be done. Thankfully, Moose has shown no ill will toward Nate. I'm sure that will come later when Nate starts to gain control over his hands and wants to pull fur. 

We have made several great strides since I last posted about our adventures. First up, is the bath. This happened a few weeks ago, but I'm just now getting around to sharing pictures. He is NOT a fan of baths at this point in his life. He's cool with the warm water being poured over him, but everything else is apparently torture to him. 

The calm before the storm. 

You can tell that he's about to start screaming. He's showing us his "Warning, I'm about to lose it!" face.

All is once again well with the world when we get him wrapped up in his towel.

He is growing like a weed. In order to grow, he must eat. Matt found some self-feeding bottles online and decided we needed some. They work, but are a pain. All of the tubes and such are hard to clean and it takes him forever to finish a bottle.

However, he can feed himself and we are free to do other things around the house. 

Like I said, he's growing. He'll be out of the bassinet soon.

He found his thumb the other day. I do not want to encourage this habit, but you know it's cute! So, I took a picture... 

I found a cute Easter outfit for him the other day on my trip to Wal-Mart. I had to grab something from the baby section and it was just too cute not to get. 

He's growing too fast!

I love to take pictures of him sleeping for some reason. He's just so darn cute! I love, love, love his sleeping position. He'll put his hands over his head, bend his knees, and spread his legs. It just looks so comfortable.

Below we have what Matt and I refer to as the 'milk coma.' I was going to take a picture of him sleeping (yes, again) and managed to get a shot of his eyes rolling into the back of his head as he was drifting in and out of the coma. This was also the first and last time he will wear this outfit. I put him in it because it was cooler outside and I wanted him to have something over his legs. This outfit fit the bill. However, once I got it all snapped up I realized it was too short for him! Now, I am not a fan of the 18 gazillion snaps they put on these things and Nate is not a fan of playing dress-up so we went about our day with pants that were too short. 

I know, it looks a little demonic, but he's drifting off and is content!

Nate also likes TV. He's way too young for TV, but it's on in the background and sometimes he'll turn his head to see what is going on. He watched some of the final four the other night. We even turned his bouncer so he didn't have to crane his neck. Today I caught him watching Battlestar Galactica with his dad. I took a picture of him chilling in his swing with his head turned to see the screen. Now, before you go off on his neck being turned at a crazy angle I must tell you that we are constantly turning his head and adjusting it so that it doesn't look like he's going to break his neck. As soon as we adjust him, he will immediately turn his head back the way he had it. He will quite often give us the stink eye as he does it. It's a constant battle.

I am trying not to make this the 'Adventures in Parenting' blog, but lately all of my adventures have dealt with parenting. The baby has consumed my life for the moment, but we're learning to find a balance. Hopefully, my next post won't be so baby oriented and I'll be able to share about other things as well! Happy Wednesday!!

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