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Friday, April 1, 2011

Why am I blogging? I should be napping right now!

Yep, I should be in the bed taking a quick nap while Nate is napping. I will pay for this later. There's not much to report from this neck of the woods. Matt and I have managed to keep Nate alive for 3 weeks now! We are slowly finding our way into a routine. Granted, it's not a routine Matt and I want to keep up for 18 years so here's hoping he finally learns how to sleep through the night....

Matt got creative the other night. Nate has been nicknamed Dobby by my brother. He took one look at Nate and declared that he looked just like the character from Harry Potter. The name has kind of stuck because I will sometimes find myself referring to Nate as Dobby. When our nephew Indiana was born, Matt got creative and put Indy's head on the body of Harrison Ford. It seemed only fitting that Nate's head got put on the body of Dobby. Here are the results...

You have to admit, the pictures are entertaining! 

Okay, I think I will attempt to take my nap now. You have to strike while the iron is hot...or in this case while the baby is sleeping!

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