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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bama Bound with the Babies

Matt had a work conference to attend at the end of October so my mother and I packed up the kids and made our way to Alabama. It was an interesting car ride with two small ones, but we survived. It was a bit of a whirlwind trip, but we did manage to squeeze in some time with as many family members as possible. Abby got to meet her aunts, uncles, cousins, and great grandparents. She loved all of the attention and Nate loved all of the play time he got with the cousins and grand parents.

We made our first stop in Chelsea to visit with Adam, Megan, John, Noah, Nanny, and Dedaddy. Everyone had a great time visiting and the kids enjoyed getting to spend the day together playing.

Renee and Tim had just got back from a trip to Jamaica. All of the boys received rasta hats as souvenirs. 

Abby got to meet Matt's granddad, Dedaddy 

Nate had a blast playing with Noah and John. Nate especially loved Noah's Lego collection.

On Sunday my brother, Chanlee, and Indiana came up to visit. Nate woke up not feeling so well this morning, but thankfully got to feeling better. He and Indiana spent time playing and later on we roasted hot dogs and marshmallows. 

This picture cracks me up! It is pretty much impossible to get three children to look at the camera (much less smile) at the same time. 

Fire pit time! 

Abby got to meet my grandmother on this trip. 

On Monday my dad and I took Nate to the Falls. He got to see the animals and ride the train. We ate lunch at Jack's and Nate spent some time on the playground.

On Tuesday Shannon came up to visit and meet Miss Abby. As usual we had our lunch at Villa Fiesta and caught up on the latest news. Abby tagged along with us and had her first visit to Villa!

Shannon and Abs

I cannot stress how rotten Abby was after this trip! She was constantly held and was given so much attention! Here she is with one of her favorite people...

On our way out of town we had to take a detour through Chelsea since I left some of the kids' things at Adam and Megan's house. We met up with Megan and John at Burger King and Nate was able to get in one last play date before we left.


We came back from Alabama just in time for Halloween. We got back in to town Thursday afternoon and Matt arrived late Thursday evening. We did Halloween on Friday and by Saturday we were back on the road. Matt had a week of vacation the first week of November and we decided to take a trip to Gulf Shores and spend a little time with Matt's dad, or Big Daddy. We got to take a boat ride and see some dolphins. Nate loved the ride, but was none to thrilled with the sun being in his eyes. 

 This is about the best picture I could get of Nate. He was not happy with me for leaving his sunglasses behind.

Abby was bundled up in her life jacket. At first she wasn't a fan, but she came around.

We took the boat to Tacky Jacks and had lunch. Afterwards, Nate spent some time playing on their playground. November is a decent (and not so crowded) time to visit the beach. It was a little too chilly to actually go to the beach, but the weather was nice enough to enjoy some outdoor activities.

On the playground at Tacky Jacks

Playing in the sand with Big Daddy 

Abby had a great time using Big Daddy for her naps!

Everyone hanging out at the condo 

 These two look so much alike!

After hanging at the condo for a few days, we took a quick trip over to Pensacola. Matt previously had an interview there so we decided to go back and do a community tour and check it out a little more. While there we got to meet up with our old college buddy, Patrick, who flies planes for the Air Force. Nate got to go visit and see some of the planes at NAS Pensacola. Patrick gave us some ear plugs for Abby before we went out to see the planes. You will notice in the next picture who eventually took over the earplugs.....

Our balcony overlooked the beach and he loved playing out there! 

 This picture is a rarity! All three people are somewhat looking at the camera and no one is moving so it is not fuzzy!

We had a fantastic time visiting with family and friends in October and November. We were on the go so much that time flew by so quickly! It was also great to have a little vacation time together.

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