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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Six months of Abby!

Wow! Time really does fly. The older I get, the faster it seems to go. It seems like just yesterday I was pregnant with Abby and now here we are -- she is half a year old! 

We have had such a fun time over the past few months making memories with Abby. She is very personable and loves to smile and talk. She loves her big brother and laughs at him constantly. In fact, the very first time she laughed it was at him. Nate is back in preschool so Abby gets to spend her days with me. She gets so excited when we pick Nate up from school. 

Every time I look at Abby I see her daddy. She looks so much like Matt. Like her father and brother, she is also a night owl. She is also very laid back, but can be stubborn when she chooses. She is a very happy baby and we are so happy to have her in our lives! Here are a few pictures of our life with Abby over the past six months.

This is actually the first onsie we ever bought for Nate. Abby got a few wears out of it, too! 

Big Daddy was able to come visit 

Abby's face in this picture cracks me up!  

Abby will occasionally hang out in her crib. 

They love each other, but sometimes the playing gets a little too involved on Nate's part. 

Nate was sharing his blanket with Abby this morning. This is a big deal if you know Nate and if you know how much he loves his blanket! 

You can tell these two are related!

She is mid-sentence while hanging out in her swing.

As with Nate, I have been taking monthly pictures with Abby next to Mr. Potato Head. It is getting harder and harder to take these pictures now that she is able to squirm and move a lot more! I love these pictures because it gives me a month by month progression of her growing little self!

Our little girl is growing up so quickly! With Nate our pediatrician gave us the all clear for eyes not changing at six months. Now that we have hit that mark with Abby, I think it is safe to say that Miss Abby will be keeping her pretty blues! The past six months have been a blast and I can't wait to see what the next six hold.

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