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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Fall Fun

Once again I have fallen behind on my blogging. It is amazing what having two little ones will do to any free time and/or energy you may have. We have had a fun, crazy, and hectic few months. Let's start with some of our fun fall activities. 

Nate is all about Halloween. Seriously. It's his favorite holiday. You can ask him which he likes better, Halloween or Christmas, and Halloween wins out. I'm not sure if it's the decorations, costumes, or candy that make him love it so, but he does. This year we went to the pumpkin patch where he picked out a pumpkin for himself and Abby. Here are a few shots from our trip:

Nate decided he needed a Jack Skellington pumpkin. He was not a fan of gutting the pumpkin, but he sure did love the carving tools. Matt ended up doing most of the hard work.

For Halloween Nate was Bumblebee from Transformers and Abby was candy corn. Here is a picture of both in their costumes.

Halloween arrived finally for Nate and our sweet friends, Catie and Rob, invited us over to their house again this year to trick or treat with their kids, Will and Olivia. We had a great time hanging out with their family and friends. Nate, once again, was not shy at all and loved running up to doors and saying "Trick or Treat." 

Bumblebee Nate with Tinkerbell Olivia and Ghost Will 

Abby was perfectly content in her Halloween outfit that we decided not to bother her with the actual costume. She had a fun time riding the the stroller while Nate roamed the streets.

 Here is Abby in another of her Halloween outfits!

My crew on Halloween!

The day after Halloween Nate woke up and was ready to go again. He had a very hard time understanding that Halloween only lasts one day of the year and was very disappointed that he had to wait another full year for it to come again. We had a wonderful Halloween and are looking forward to what next year brings.

As far as Thanksgiving goes, I was a bad mom and didn't have the camera around for much of the festivities. Matt was not off, but we did get to spend a little time together as a family. One of his attendings invited us over for Thanksgiving and we had a blast! There were other residents there with their families and everyone was able to relax and enjoy the food and company. I will greatly miss all of our Jacksonville friends next year.

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