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Tuesday, January 13, 2015


We had a wonderful Christmas this year. Matt was on call, but thankfully we were able to spend a little time with him on Christmas Day. My parents came in to town the Sunday before Christmas and left on Christmas Day. They had a fun time hanging out with the kids and getting to see them open their presents. This was the first time that we had grandparents in town on Christmas to see the kids. It was nice! We cooked a turkey and had Honeybaked Ham the Sunday before Christmas and by Christmas Eve I was all cooked out. Traditionally, we would visit Mamma Lucia's and have an Italian Christmas Eve dinner; however, they were booked so we ended up at Outback. It was delicious! Santa came while we were out eating and Nate was so excited to open up his (and Abby's) gifts. Here are a few pictures from our Christmas this year.

My dad quickly became Abby's favorite after he kept taking her for walks outside and holding her nonstop! 

So many toys! 

These two sat back and watched the action 

All Nate asked Santa for this year was a red BMW. Amazingly, Santa came through!

Abby got Nate a Jack Skellington shirt for Christmas. To say he loved it would be an understatement. I have washed this shirt so many times since he opened it. If it is warm outside his first request is his Jack shirt. If it is dirty, he understands, but is not happy. 

On cloud nine in his Jack shirt!

We had a lazy Christmas hanging out at home and our friend, Andrea, came over for dinner. I cooked a buffalo chicken lasagna and it turned out pretty good! I was a little weary at first, but it was an easy recipe and delicious. We will be having this again! It was sad to think that this was our last Christmas in Jacksonville, but we are looking ahead to what next year might bring.

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