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Saturday, January 29, 2011

So many things to do, so little motivation to do them!

I have been trying to clean my house for over a month now. Have I succeeded? No. I get little parts done and then I quit. I know that eventually the parts will add up to a whole, but I find that the parts I have cleaned quickly go back on my list to be cleaned again. It's a vicious cycle. Matt and Moose aren't much help in this department either. Moose is a big fan of knocking things into the floor, leaving his toys everywhere, and constantly hiding stuff in my rug and then balling it up. I'm not a fan of straightening the rug every day! Matt loves to leave socks in the floor (and since bending over is difficult, I think it's more of a cruel game for him!), he's scared of the dishwasher (ALL of his dishes go in the sink, if they make it that far!), and well, he's not allowed to use my vacuum cleaner. So, the last one is kinda my fault. BUT, in my defense, if you get a really good vacuum cleaner you don't want it immediately ruined! I have watched Matt vacuum up change before and I think he'd try to suck up a small animal if it were in his way!

He's not being destructive here, but he can be!

Okay, so I can't come down too hard on Matt without telling you some of his finer qualities. He's been stepping it up some in the LeeAnn-needs-help department. He has been cooking some days, giving me back rubs, promising to clean the bathroom (I'm going to hold him to that!), being a good sport on my whiny and hormonal days, and allowing me to sit back and let the house go on those days when I just can't take it!

So, for those of you who know Matt, you know how he likes to pick at people. He's already picking on this poor child before he's had a chance to make it into this world. On and off over the past eight months, he'll randomly come up and shake my belly. I think this irritates me more than the kid, but it does get him moving. Well, the other night he gently slapped at my belly and caused the baby to vibrate, shift, and send a foot into my right side all in the same motion. A day in the life. I'm sensing a lot of diaper duty in Matt's future. Oh, one more Matt antic and I will move on. It's a bit of a struggle for me to sit up in bed from a reclined position. I managed to get upright the other night and what does my darling husband do?? He pushes me right back down while laughing hysterically the entire time. Yep, diaper duty seems only fair to me!

He may look it, but he's not that innocent.

We did manage to watch Easy A the other night and it was entertaining. I wouldn't got out on a limb and say it was Oscar-worthy, but it was something to do for a few hours. I'm really liking Emma Stone; she did a good job in this movie. Oh, the last time I wrote I mentioned that Matt was busy cooking for us. Well, here's a shot of what he made. We had grilled trout, rice, spinach and mushrooms, and a cream sauce. It was really good!


I am trying to come up with some freezer meals for us to use after Little Man arrives. I think that will be one of my projects over the next few weeks. I stumbled across a recipe for a white lasagna the other day and I might give it a try. Although I've never tried lasagna on my own, this recipe seemed pretty easy to follow and hopefully I won't screw it up!

And finally, a belly picture. We're almost to 35 weeks and my doctor informed me that after week 35 they don't stop labor. I guess it's time for me to pack the bag. I guess that also means we need to finish his room, choose a name, find a pediatrician, and go see one last movie before becoming parents. Wow, we have this procrastination thing down!! Have a great weekend! 

I should have straightened my shirt before the picture!

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