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Friday, January 7, 2011

Watch out, world!!

In eight short weeks there will be a miniature version of Matt roaming around. Yes, there will be two of them. The longer I carry this child, the more I realize just how "Matt-like" he is going to be. The latest adventure with Little Man was at the ob yesterday. He appears to be doing quite well, but he's already giving his mommy a run for her money! I have been feeling random body parts for many weeks now. Yesterday one happened to 'surface' as the ob was about to check for a heartbeat. Of course, I had to ask what part it was. My guess was a foot and she confirmed that I was indeed correct. However, she started feeling my belly and got this odd look on her face. She commented that he should be head down at this point (or at least most babies are) but instead he was transverse, or sideways. I told her that didn't surprise me one bit! I feel hiccups on my right side at times, down low at times, and occasionally in the middle. He had the hiccups five times the other day. I told her he is a very active little booger! She said it was okay at this point, but by week 35 she wants him to be head down; otherwise, we might have a problem. Well, as she was continuing to press on my stomach the little turkey moved. I told her he was kicking me and she watched, felt, and confirmed that he was now breech! She then commented on how they like active babies and he was in good shape. A day in the life. Apparently, he also inherited his father's knack for rolling, tossing, and turning while trying to get comfortable. It will be very interesting to see what he's like once he gets here!!

This afternoon, as I was trying to recover from a hard day at school, he decided to stretch. Several times. What was either a hand or foot (I'm leaning more towards foot) began to protrude from my right side. The first time he did it it felt a little uncomfortable; however, by the fourth or fifth stretch I was used to it. At one point, I was able to grab the little body part and after a second or two he decided to pull it away. I'm gonna miss these little moments when he becomes an 'outside' baby! I'm sure that he will provide me with loads of entertainment once he arrives, but for now I'm perfectly content watching him dance and spin while my stomach looks like an alien is trying to erupt. I will leave you today with a picture of the growing belly that was taken earlier in the week. Grow, baby, grow!!

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