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Saturday, February 5, 2011

"I pity the fool!"

Yep, we did it. Last weekend Matt and I rented The A-Team from Blockbuster Express and it was pretty good! I think I may have liked it more than Matt, but then again I did have Bradley Cooper to stare at for a few hours! At one point I commented to Matt that maybe we should name the baby Bradley Cooper in hopes that he would come out looking like him. I got an eyeroll in return.

Speaking of baby names, I think we may have actually picked one! However, we decided from the beginning of this pregnancy to keep the name a secret until the little booger arrives. So, you'll have to stay tuned to find out what we decided! I went back to the doctor last week and he seems to be doing well. His heart rate was 142 which is high for my mellow little man. The last two appointments his heart rate has been in the 140s. Before then, it was always in the 120s and I think the highest it got was maybe 132. However, the doctor informed me that as he moves around the heart rate increases. This makes sense--so does mine when I am moving around. Well, for the past two appointments it has felt like he was completing a Tae-bo workout as I was waiting on the dr. to come in so I'm thinking 142 isn't bad for the active little monkey.

He still has an influence over my diet.

We have entered the home stretch. They will not stop my labor if he decides to try and make his way into this world. We'll just have to see what happens over the next few weeks. I'm still not on weekly appointments since all is going so well. I will have to start those after my next appointment in two weeks.

He has a diaper bag, but still no car seat!

I also found out at my last appointment that he has dropped. Here is a comparison of before and after.

 Still up high

Now a little lower

In the meantime, things have been rolling along at home. I attempted to make risotto the other night and I think it turned out pretty good for my first try. I didn't take a picture of the risotto, but I did take a picture of the white lasagna I made. It turned out okay, but next time I think I may use sausage instead of ground beef. It needed a little more flavor to it!


After ( I need to make a little more sauce next time, too!)

As I was trying to cook my lasagna, I discovered the dishwasher was not draining. When Matt got home I showed him the problem and he got straight to work. I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story!

His method of getting the water out of the dishwasher.

All of the water is now out, so now we must check out the drain.

Apparently this tool would not get the job done, so I had to bring him a paper clip. However, all is well and the dishwasher now drains!!

And finally, sometimes we get bored around here. Matt came home the other night and dropped his scrub cap on my head. Jokingly, he suggested that I should dress up like him. So, I did. Let me just tell you, I should be wearing scrubs all the time! I put on a clean pair of his scrubs and the scrub cap just to get a reaction out of him and they were pretty dang comfortable! You might be seeing more pictures of me in the future sporting the lovely green scrubs!

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