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Saturday, February 19, 2011

It's elementary, my dear Watson!

Last week was kicked off by Valentine's Day. I honestly cannot remember the last time Matt and I exchanged Valentine's gifts. That's horrible, isn't it? We never go out for Valentine's because neither of us want to deal with the crowds and crazy people. It was the same this year. However, I decided that we needed a better meal for Valentine's than Hamburger Helper. So, on my way home from school I picked up some steaks from Publix and we (well, Matt) grilled them. I am still having a hard time cooking anything on the grill besides chicken and hot dogs. Anyway, I sauteed some mushrooms, baked some au gratin potatoes, and made a salad to round out our meal. Oh, I almost forgot! We had shrimp cocktail appetizers. It was my own version of 'surf and turf.'

The Valentine's dinner.

Also, Valentine's Day kicked off the three day tournament on Jeopardy! with Watson, Ken Jennings, and Brad Rutter. If you're not sure what I'm referring to, here's the run down. Watson is this super computer created by IBM to play Jeopardy! He processes the clues and then searches through his fifty servers to piece together the information from the clue and try to form an answer. It was pretty clear on day 1 of the challenge that Watson was a success. Matt and I continued watching for the three days just to see what would happen and, needless to say, Watson dominated. It almost wasn't fun to watch. However, Ken Jennings was pretty entertaining.

Watson's Jeopardy! avatar. (and Moose)

This week in the mail we also received some pretty cool gifts for Mr.Man. Earlier in the week a crocheted blanket from my aunt arrived. Then, on Friday his bedding came! His room is really coming together!! Also, I hit 37 weeks this week so he is now considered full term. I just need him to stay in a little bit longer!!

The blanket.

Us at 36+ weeks.

The comforter that goes with his bedding. It won't be used for awhile, but it's so stinkin' cute!

His crib with all of the bedding.

The rug in front of his crib.

Matt is now officially on vacation for the next week. I'm so excited! He never gets much time off and it'll be great to just have him around. We're trying to think of something fun to do this weekend since we don't have much 'us' time left. Maybe I'll be able to post later of something fun and interesting we did over the weekend. Bye for now!

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