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Friday, December 31, 2010

Do what you like, like what you do.

Happy New Year's Eve!! Moose and I are settling in for a very dull, unproductive New Year's Eve celebration. Matt is back on call tonight and if I had to guess I'd say he's going to get slammed. He's on trauma call and I'm sure there will be plenty of incoming patients to keep him occupied all night. That leads me to the name of this post. I borrowed this saying from one of my favorite brands, Life is Good. I may not be a huge fan of Matt's work hours, but he is happy. It's a good thing we followed this motto in life because otherwise we'd be two unhappy engineers instead of a sleep deprived intern and a teacher. Granted he'd have weekends off and we would have had a more stable life over the past few months, but he wouldn't have been happy. So, for both of our sakes, I'm glad that he chose to "do what you like, like what you do." (even if it does mean I'm spending our last childless New Year's Eve alone!) 

I have a few more pictures to add from my previous post. I stopped with the wedding so I guess it makes sense to pick up with the honeymoon.

We looked so young and energetic back then!

The Piton Mountains in Barbados.

Hiking through the rain forest.

Matt vs. the volcano

The hike through the rain forest led us to the waterfall!

A cool fort in Antigua.

Now, you tell me what this next creature might be....

We think it is a muskrat. There are several that live in the pond right outside our back door. I have informed Matt that if I ever look out the window and see an alligator - we're moving. There are a lot of fun animals that live in and near the pond, but this one is the most interesting.

It has orange teeth!!

Matt started slowly backing away after he took this picture and got a nice, clear view of the teeth.

Finally, I will leave you with some shots of Mr. Moose. I know, I know. There's almost always a Moose picture, but for now he's still the baby and I'm home with him all day to take the pictures!

I woke up one morning to the sound of pawing, chewing, and scraping at something. He decided to pull out all of his Christmas toys and help himself. 

Busted! I didn't get a picture of the plastic packaging he had started to chew through.

Thank you to all the relatives who sent Christmas gifts in big boxes. We enjoyed the gifts and Moose enjoyed the boxes! 

 He decided to nap on the bed while using the my robe as a pillow. Rotten cat.

And finally, my favorite.....
Let me provide a little context....
I had to get up and go to the bathroom -- a frequent event for me at this stage in the game. I had been sitting in the bed watching TV with a heating pad on my back. Moose was at the foot of the bed asleep when I got up. So, I get up, go to the bathroom, come back and what do I find......


The little turkey got up and got on my heating pad in the span of sixty seconds. You can't see it very well, but he's cutting his eyes at me in this picture. He knows what he's doing!! ROTTEN!!!

I hope you have a wonderful New Year's Eve and a great start to the new year tomorrow!

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